The Tasmanian Beer Trail

It’s the people that make Tasmanian beer special.
Discover these characters and the stories, the love and the passion that goes into
crafting every bottle of Tasmanian beer.


Explore Tasmania’s beers and meet the passionate people behind them.

    "We're recreating and paying homage to the original Tasmanian brewers – real brewers making real beer."

    Steve Brooks

    Meet the Makers

    "I’m always on the lookout for interesting ingredients that could help create wild, unusual and original beers"

    David Tottle

    Meet the Makers


    • For thousands of years, beer was made without hops. Their first recorded use in brewing wasn’t until 822AD.

    • The difference between lagers and ales is in how they ferment. Lager is brewed at cool temperatures using bottom-fermenting yeast, ale is brewed at warmer temperatures using top-fermenting yeast.

    • A beer gets its bitter flavours and floral aromas from hops, which are a type of flower.

    • Over 60% of Australia’s hops come from the Derwent Valley in Tasmania’s south.

    • For early colonists, ale and beer were different drinks: ale was light and made with sugar, malt and hops, beer was stronger, made with only malt and hops.

    • Beer is made up of over 90% water.

    • Barley isn’t the only grain that can be made into beer. Other options include wheat, rye and rice.

    • Before Cascade brewery was built in 1832, the estate was home to a sawmilling operation.

    • Tasmania’s first hops were planted in 1804 on a penal settlement near the mouth of the Tamar River.

    • Sugar was a popular ingredient in early colonial beers – at least until its use was outlawed in January 1844.

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