Hobart Brewing Co. 2nd Anniversary Release

Colorado IPA – First IPA release for Hobart Brewing Co.

Hobart Brewing Co. is celebrating its 2nd anniversary since releasing their first beer, the Harbour Master Tasmanian Ale.  With Scott Overdorf, a former Colorado brewer at the helm, it was only a matter of time before they turned our energy to brewing a big American IPA.

Drinkers will be familiar with the relatively new East Coast style IPA with its big juicy hop flavours, haziness and overall restrained bitterness and of course the West Coast style IPA’s with their predominantly piney and citrus hop character with a firm bitterness.  Well, Hobart Brewing Co’s head brewer was missing a taste of home and for its anniversary beer wanted to brew a Colorado style IPA combining the best of both styles.  

In other words, a big American style IPA with mouth coating hop character backed up with a firm bitterness. 

And so on Scott’s wise words and talents it came to pass.  A 7.3% 90 plus IBU beast packed full of American hop goodness.  The brewery is tapping this highly limited release for their anniversary this Friday November 11 at Hobart Brewing Co. and is appropriately named the Colorado IPA!

Check out their great little video of the brew and the brewer’s notes on the beer through the Hobart Brewing Co. facebook page.

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